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snuggles, tennis balls and friends welcome

Tennis Balls

I have a deep love for tennis balls. I love to play fetch with the, walk around the house with them, sit in my bed and chew on them, take a nap with them.. you get the point.

I love everyone

I absolutely love my friends. I have a long list of friends, it includes everyone and excludes squirrels.


This is my instagram. I share it with my sister Juno. She also has a site, Juno.dog


what you should know


Wherever you're going i'm coming too

going to sit on the couch?

I'll need to say hello again in that case, then after being excited you're there, leaning my head on your knee and breathing loudly in your face I'll sit on your fit for as long as you're there.

going to the bathroom?

I'll come with you! You can definitely pet me while you're just sitting there doing nothing. I'll stay as long as you do. (cause we're best friends)

going outside?

No matter how far away I am, or how deep asleep if you even LOOK like you're headed outside I will be there. You never know what fun adventures are going to happen outside. Tossing a ball around? Great! Sitting down for half an hour? Sweet! Going out for literally 2 seconds and coming right back in? Perfect, I'm there.

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Dana Bailey
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David Larsen
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Mary Wells

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